Product partners

With so many brands and manufacturers out there, we’ve made it easy for you by selecting only the best. We partner with the brands that provide innovative technology, safety and durability. We stock a wide range of tread patterns to suit your needs and make sure we think through the right solutions for your business.


A proven track record spanning over 125 years, Michelin has influenced modern mobility with its tyres for cars, vans SUVs, trucks and heavy machinery. Constantly developing and testing cutting-edge tyre technology, Michelin tyres are a household name for a reason.

Michelin’s motto is ‘Total Performance’ because all Michelin’s products are made to excel in grip, durability, longevity, fuel efficiency, comfort, noise and handling.


Hankook puts the driving experience at the heart of everything they do. Committed to combining the latest technology and innovation with consumer research, Hankook strives to satisfy the diverse needs of drivers and their vehicles.

From passenger vehicles to industrial needs, Hankook tyres are designed to improve performance, comfort and safety in all terrain and weather conditions. Globally recognised as an industry leader, Hankook products have passed extensive tests around the world, and are ready to hit the New Zealand terrain.

Ask about Hankook’s warranties and roadside assistance services.


Around for over 40 years, industry leading manufacturing and a focus on research and development has cemented Triangle as one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. The supplier of elite global clientele, including Caterpillar and Goodyear, Triangle also supplies tyres to Volvo, Hyundai, Iveco, Nissan, Bell, Suzuki and Volkswagen. Triangle designs and builds tyres for everything from passenger cars and light trucks to giant dump truck tyres.

Known for quality and design, it is no wonder Triangle tyres are sold in over 160 countries and have certification from more than 60 organisations worldwide.

Bespoke ordering

Here at SuperTyre we’re all about finding you the right tyre. That’s why we stock the best brands for all types of kiwi drivers. Our tech team are also on hand to make sure you get the right solution in good time. At SuperTyre, it’s simply better. Get in touch to learn more about our brands and capabilities.

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