Our fully-integrated S5i fleet solution

S5i is a game-changer for the transport and construction industries. S5i includes live updates, vehicle location tracking, re-torque alerts, rapid dispatch, and routine tyre checks using our efficient software.

Keeping your fleet moving

With a smart tech solution to keep fleets on the road for longer, S5i is our Super-5 integrated technology suite.

By introducing S5i we can streamline response and service times through connecting vehicle GPS data. This results in optimised servicing, resulting in minimal downtime for your fleet.

See beyond tyres

S5i uses smarter tech to assist in addressing issues before they become visible, resulting in;

• Higher productivity for your business and a reduction in downtime events

• Reduced servicing costs through improved tyre puncture and failure rates

• Informed decisions to lead to improved tyre performance metrics

How it Works

Live Updates

Our service techs view a complete breakdown of your tyres onsite, making informed decisions to increase your performance and reduce costs.

Vehicle location

With GPS sharing we can optimise the route your fleets take, reducing overall downtime and service fees.

Re-torque alerts

Our re-torque alerts ensure you know when to contact us for the correct torquing.

Rapid dispatch

S5i provides full end-to-end digital trails for your job. We make it seamless, reducing downtime and increasing time spent on the road.

Tyre software

S5i monitors tyre tread depth and pressure on the spot, creating factual, data-driven reports. These are sent to you, flagging issues before they arise.

Make informed decisions

S5i can translate data into actionable insights. Our Bluetooth enabled tyre pressure and tread depth probes connect with our mobile platform to log tyre condition data. This allows us to identify issues before they result in potential downtime.

Full reports are emailed to our customers on a regular basis to provide full tyre performance transparency. The tech also collects real-time data on the distance travelled by each tyre on all vehicles within your fleet. Our technicians and our customers can then make informed decisions to ultimately lead to increased tyre performance and reduced costs.

Keeping you safe

Failure to re-torque wheel nuts after a short period of fleet operations is a key risk that our customers have highlighted to us.

To assist in avoiding this type of risk, S5i calculates the distance travelled to send re-torque alerts via EROAD’s in-cab unit. This informs your driver when it’s time to contact us to check your wheel nuts for the correct torque.

“Working with the SuperTyre team has truly uncovered value that we were leaving out on the road.”

Before joining SuperTyre, Frews experienced 2-3 tyre downtime events per day. Now they have 2-4 per week. With S5i’s data-led reports, we’re continuing to improve this number.

  • 80% reduction in downtime events
  • 72% less spend on service costs
  • 20% improvements in tyre performance

Get started

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